Recorded sound



Sound Preservation Association 2014 Exhibition – Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny

The Puck Cylinder Phonograph was manufactured during the early 1900s. French constructed models were characterised, in part, by their silver painted metal bases. The item on display is possibly a German-made Puck, which were often coloured blue.

Edison Standard Phonograph circa 1900.

Edison Cylinder Phonograph Model with external horn (green), circa 1900s.


Tas radios

Hughson Conrad Mantel Radio, manufactured in Tasmania by Gordon Hughson and Ray Conrad at the Derwent Park Annex, later Commonwealth Electronics Factory, circa 1946.

Personal Portable Radio, designed and manufactured by David Barnes, Hobart, Tasmania, circa 1960s.

Harland Console Radio, manufactured in Tasmania by Fred Harland, circa 1946.


Tas inventions

Waterworth Slide Projector, made in Hobart, Tasmania, circa 1960s-1970s.
35 MM Sound Projector, manufactured in Hobart, Tasmania, by George Bullock for the Hydro Electric Commission, circa 1947.

The electric record-changing Salonola was invented by the late Eric Waterworth of Hobart. He first started work on the design at about the age of seventeen and finished it when he was twenty. The Salonola was demonstrated at the 1927 Sydney Show but Home Recreations, who were to incorporate the changer in their phonograph, went into liquidation and the Salonola was never marketed.



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