The Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania is an incorporated body of like-minded people whose interests and aims are to identify, collect and preserve recorded sound, equipment, literature, memorabilia and oral histories of especially Tasmanian origin.

Old Bellerive Post Office, now occupied by the Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Family History Society


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good morning

    I rang up last week and was wondering if you could come and have a look at some sound and movie equipment my late father has.

    There are record reel to reel tapes (no idea what is on them) film movies, A Sony Stero Reel to Reel Tape recorder, as far as I know this isn’t working.


      • Hi Ray

        The address is 27 Ninda St, Rosny. We will be in and out tomorrow morning, but will be most of the afternoon. We are flying back to Brisbane on Wednesday. My ph is 0419 77 2780


      • Hi Ray

        Just following up with the equipment I left there before I left Tasmania last week. Hoping you can use some or all of it for your display


        Peter Wadsworth


      • Hello Peter,

        Thank you very much for your generous donation of equipment and accessories. We are working through all the items to place them in our database and display area. Donations like yours are the lifeblood of our collection and always generate excitement among our volunteers as they discover new items to learn about and prepare for our displays.

        Best regards

        Ray McNab


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